In 2017, we learned about a group of families struggling to attain school supplies for their children. They needed what’s known in Colombia as a standard “kit escolar” or school kits. We looked into costs and through a connection in Medellin were able to secure the supplies at a deep discount. This allowed our budget to double the number of kits we had the budget for.

Typical school kits include:

– Notebook carrying case
– Four notebooks for different classes
– Dictionary
– Ruler
– Crayons
– Colored pencils
– Erasers
– Box pencils

In addition to the required school supplies, we added coloring books for the kids!

The school kits were distributed to the children in el barrio (the neighborhood) La Maquea. Those kids and their siblings were treated to a small party, where our family presented the donation. The kids really enjoyed the party, and as excited as they were about their school kits, many of them were more interested in listening to our family speak in English to each other.

The remainder of the school kits were distributed to COLORESA, a foundation that supports special needs children in Santa Fe de Antioquia.

Our mission is to continue to provide school kits directly to underserved populations. Our team secures all of the supplies and personally delivers them. Donations go exactly where you expect them to go.