When we were searching for our next potential donation, we were fortunate enough to meet the Secretary of Culture and Education of Santa Fe de Antioquia, Jose Adan Ramos.

As is often the case in these small towns, Jose Adan happened to be the cousin of a good friend, and as we spoke about the needs of the children in Santa Fe de Antioquia, we could sense a special synergy emerging. That meeting changed everything for Promising Growth.

Our initial “ask” from Santa Fe’s Secretary of Education and Culture was to hep us identify families that were struggling with school supplies. Instead, Jose Adan asked us to consider supporting schools in the “aldeas” – the more remote areas of Santa Fe de Antioquia – in a very different way.

Two important needs emerged for these underserved populations:

(1) Recreational equipment and games for the kids.

Many of the schools have a single soccer ball or basketball, but it’s a shared resource. Imagine 18 kids trying to share one soccer ball? These schools have no formal way to run a physical education program.

The schools are also missing critical-thinking games such as puzzles, wooden counting blocks or similar.

(2) Parks or fields where the children can safely play and interact don’t exist.

While the physical structure of the schools may be in good shape, many of them don’t have anywhere for the kids to play. This means no nets for soccer games, no cones for races, or just general safe play. It also means that the kids are playing on dirt and rocks.

(3) Other equipment; including projectors, lap tops, white boards, etc.

We researched the finances around these critical needs and decided they were important enough to support.

We are proud to announce that Promising Growth donated the recreational supplies to the school at El Tunal, a school that supports eighteen children between the ages of five and eleven. The population in that area is growing, and new children have been arriving consistently.

What I love most about supporting these types of projects is the fact that we aren’t just helping eighteen kids. Donations like these will impact the students at these schools for years to come.

Promising Growth is now formalizing its fundraising and programs around these specific needs, and more details about how each program will work to follow once we’ve finalized budgets!

If you’d like to work with us on any of these projects, please contact us directly via Facebook or LinkedIn.