Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Our founder has been working with other non-profit organizations for many years. We have seen funds inappropriately used by other organizations. Funding for our program is ONLY spent by members of our team. Our donations are not sent to third parties (for example, local governments or even the schools). Our team directly makes all the purchases and is also responsible for the delivery of the product.

Our founder’s family settled in Santa Fe de Antioquia in the 1960’s. That deep connection to the area gives Promising Growth the advantages of local contacts and deep community ties.

Our goal is to not only make a one-time donation to schools in that area but to maintain any capital improvements we make (such as parks and safe play areas). Over the next five years, we plan to expand. But first, we need to ensure we have a repeatable, sustainable organization. Santa Fe is where we are completing our proof of concept.


Only through education can children reach their greatest potential. Let's join forces!